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Essay Template

I've created this essay template in preparation for a new series of posts that will start appearing after this has been posted. The series is called "How to Write" and each post in the series will hopefully help you learn and write how to write a certain type of writing. The most mentioned type of writing in the series is essays, so here is a template that you can along with the how to. I want to mention that there are many different ways to write essays, but this template is how I wrote my essays that I received high grades on. The template uses MLA format.

Your Name



Date (dd/mm/yy)


  • Hook - the first line of the essay to draw people in

  • Some background information - some information about the topic that helps you transition into the thesis

  • Thesis - the topic, your argument, or viewpoint in a few sentences

Body Paragraphs (Supporting Paragraphs):

  • Idea, point, or argument - the main idea of the paragraph that supports your thesis

  • First reason or detail - the first explanation, justification, or proof for the main idea of the paragraph

  • Second reason or detail - the second explanation, justification, or proof for the main idea of the paragraph

  • Third reason or detail - the third explanation, justification, or proof for the main idea of the paragraph

  • Transition/Conclusion sentence - the sentence that brings the paragraph to a close and allows you to smoothly transition to the next one

The amount of reasons or details in a body paragraph is dependent on how much information you want to include about the main idea of that paragraph. Be sure that all the reasons or details you include in the body paragraph are relevant and strengthen the paragraph. Not all information related to the main idea of paragraph actually helps further you idea, point, or argument. You don't want to have a super long paragraph filled with a bunch of unnecessary information. Furthermore, the amount of body paragraphs you will have depends on how many main ideas that support your thesis you have, word count (if you have one), and the type of essay you're writing. Write as many paragraphs as you need to be sure you fully addressed the topic, argument, or viewpoint.


  • Summarize - quickly recall the key points of the essay

  • Restate the thesis - the thesis, but rephrased so it differs from the introduction

  • Closing thoughts - anything else you would like to add or say

  • Mic Drop - strong ending sentence that brings the essay to a close

Once again, this is just a general essay template. Every type of essay has different parts they might require, but this template can give you a good rudimentary base. You can also use this template as an outline for the essay. Below is an example of how you can use it as an outline. I will be using the idea of whether or not America is a post-racial society in the form of an argumentative essay for for this example.

Barely Functioning Writer

*insert teacher*

Essay Writing 101

23 December 2020


  • Hook - Racial injustice seems to be never ending.

  • Some background information - Racial prejudice in America stems back to a little after the first colonies arrived.

  • Thesis - America is not a post-racial society.

Body Paragraphs (Supporting Paragraphs):

  • Idea, point, or argument - Slavery

  • First reason or detail - The first slaves arrived in America in 1619. The first colonists arrived in 1607. It took all of 12 short years for racial injustice to begin to flourish in America.

  • Second reason or detail - The only justification for why someone was a slave was solely based off the color of their skin.

  • Third reason or detail - Slaves were treated horribly and were seen as 3/5ths of a person.

  • Transition/Conclusion sentence - From the very beginnings, America was far from a post-racial society and this theme of prejudice influenced the following years.

*insert 4-5 more paragraphs proving the thesis*


  • Summarize - Slavery is a horrible practice...etc.

  • Restate the thesis - The words post-racial society by no means describe America.

  • Closing thoughts - As Americans, we need to change how view people that look different from us. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Based off the countries track record, America has never and will never be a true post-racial society.

  • Mic Drop - Discrimination on the basis of race is everlasting.

All you have do once you got the outline filled out is expand on all of the information and make the essay flow. Hope this helps!

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