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How to Write: Analytical Essays

Welcome to the fourth entry in the How to Write series. The essay of the entry, as you read in the title, is an analytical essay. These times of essays are hard for me to write because I just find them so boring. Just like the previous entries, I will start with a definition followed by some quicks and ending with an example essay in MLA format.


An analytical essay is a type of essay in which you will need to present an argument or claim on whatever you are analyzing. Analytical essays usually focus on how something was written.

Quick Tips:

You should always have a thesis statement when writing an analytical essay. Research, research, and research a little bit more. The research you do will help you. Trust me. Remember, with research comes a works cited page. Find evidence that supports your analysis. Avoid generalizations.

Example Essay (in MLA format):

I, of course, wrote this essay quickly. Not my best work, but it's just to give you an idea of what your essay could look like. I wrote this essay using the prompt "Why do many people lie?"

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