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How to Write: Compare and Contrast Essays

Hello! Welcome to the fifth entry in the "How to Write" series. I've noticed compare and contrast essays are really popular amongst teachers. They like testing our ability to well... compare and contrast things. I have to write a lot of these during high school, so hopefully, I'll be able to help you out.


Compare and contrast essays usually take a look at two or more topics and ask you to compare how the topics are similar and contrast how they're different.

Quick Tips:

Make a Venn diagram to help you see how the topics are different and how they are similar. It is a common mistake that people end up writing their opinion on the two topics when they are supposed to write how they are similar and different. Please confirm with your professor/teacher that they want your opinion included in the essay.

Example Essay (in MLA format):

Just like in all the entries before here is your warning that this is not my best work. The essay below is just to give you an idea about what a compare and contrast essay could look like and sound like. I wrote the essay using the topics virtual versus in-person classes.

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