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How to Write: Descriptive Essays

Hello! Welcome to the fourth entry in the "How to Write" series. I'm really excited about this post because the type of essay we are talking about is generally easy to write. Descriptive essays are probably one of the first types of essays you wrote when you started school. I also didn't have to use my last brain cell to write the example essay, so it's a win for me.


Descriptive essays are a type of essay that asks the writer to describe something like an event, emotion, person, or place.

Quick Tips:

It is imperative to be able to create a written account of an experience. Descriptive essays are full of detail, so writing down and collecting all the information you want to include before you start writing would be very helpful. Show don't tell in your writing. Basically, imagery is a yes. Make an outline!

Example Essay (in MLA format):

Just like in all the entries before here is your warning that this is not my best work. The essay below is just to give you an idea about what a descriptive essay could look like and sound like. I wrote the essay using the prompt "Describe a beautiful location in nature."

I really hope this post was able to help in all your descriptive essay adventures.

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