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The New MLA

This post is for all my students out there. MLA came out with the 8th edition of their essay format, so I'm here just to let you know about it. I suggest going to Purdue Owl's website to see MLA's changes here, but this post just shows you the most prominent changes.

To start off in the MLA 8th edition, there are no more cover pages (🥴). I know, as a student, I hate cover pages because it felt like so much extra work, and when I first started college, I had never had to have a cover page, so for my first essay, I didn't have a cover page. So, I lost points on that essay. I have put an example of their new first page at the very end of this post.

Next, they made citations so much more simple (🥴 again). I don't know a single person that likes doing citations. I actually can't think of a single person that doesn't use our lord and savior Easybib to do their citations. Instead of having, for lack of a better word, hella information on the source, all you need now is the author’s name, book title, publisher, and date. I almost cried when I saw this.

Those are the two big changes they made to MLA, but they lowkey change everything. I've already used the new essay format a couple of times now, and let me tell you, it feels good. So, so, so good. For my "How to Write" series, I will be using the 8th edition from now on for the example essays.

Here is a straightforward example:

Also here is the example essay from Purdue Owl:

MLA Sample Paper
Download PDF • 452KB

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