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Submission Information

Submissions intended to be featured/public viewing

Submissions submitted on the "Submit Your Work!" page are submissions that will possibly be featured on the website on the "Your Work" page under the "Featured" section. By submitting your work you're giving the Barely Functioning Writer permission to post your work publically on the website displaying the actual document you submitted with no changes/edits, your name or pseudonym, the title that you submitted, and the short description you entered on the submission page. Your email will not be displayed as that is private information and we only request it so we can send you an email informing you that your submission has been featured. Your email will only be contacted one time and will not be given to any third-person party. The email informing you that your work has been submitted will come from We are not responsible for any other emails you might receive. Furthermore, all credit will be given to you if you submit work. will not claim to have written, produced, or assisted with the creation of your submitted work. We do not guarantee a certain amount of viewers will see your work, but we still encourage submissions. Allowing your work to be viewed publically means taking the risk that someone may copy or write something very similar to your work. We highly suggest adding copyright © to your work. Please look up how to add copyright before submitting your work. We are not responsible for any copies or writing that is similar that may appear.

Private Submissions

Submissions submitted on the "Privately Submit Your Work" page are submissions that will not be posted or featured on the website or any other location. Your submission will also not be sent to any third-person parties. Submissions will only be read by the admin of the Barely Functioning Writer. Your email will only be used to inform you that your writing was viewed and to give you any feedback you requested. Your email will not be shared with any third-person parties or sent to anyone. Any other emails received we are not responsible for. 

For any further questions email us by clicking below on the envelope:

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