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Hey! If you didn't know I'm a big fan of supporting other writers. I also know it can be difficult to put your work out for the world to see. It would be my pleasure to feature your work on the website. I can't promise a lot of people will see it due to the fact that this is a newer platform despite that I, personally would love to read your work. All you have to do is upload it down below.

 Excited to see your work,

Barely Functioning Writer

P.S You must be a member to submit your work. Becoming a member is free. Click here to become a member.

Confidential Submissions

"I don't want my work featured on the website. I just want one person to read it and tell me how it is." If this sounds like you then check out the private submission page.


Email needed so we can inform you that your work has been featured.

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Did you add copyright to protect your work? We highly suggest this!

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